Master Good’s Brand Ambassador

Ákos is one of the most famous chefs in Hungary. Ákos Sárközi’s career is unique in Hungary, because he has achieved the highest professional awards, and at the same time, he has gained national popularity thanks to his appearances on TV screens.

In 2014, the Borkonyha (“Wine Kitchen”), led by chef Ákos Sárközi, earned a Michelin star as the third best restaurant in Hungary. Since 2018, he has been the chef at another top restaurant, the Textúra („Texture”). Last year, Ákos Sárközi received the Dining Guide’s Chef of the Year Award, and the Textúra Restaurant received the Most Promising Kitchen of the Year Award.

The whole career of Ákos Sárközi proves that a chef can be a great chef and a versatile and creative person at the same time, because he is engaged in fine arts in his leisure time, and his artistic sensitivity is reflected in the dishes he creates.

The chef was among the first in Hungary to boldly and imaginatively use ingredients such as chicken, showing the diversity and easy handling of this cooking ingredient which is affordable to most people. As Master Good’s brand ambassador, he shares decades of culinary experience with the audience – with a focus on the premium quality free-range chicken.